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Personalize Your Knitted Items: How To Embroider Name On Knits (With Tips)?

Updated: Feb 16

If you are looking for a way to personalize your knitted items (beanie, cardigan, scarf, etc.), here's a simple embroidering method for you!

A cat soft toy wearing knitwear

How can you embroider your name or your loved one's name to a hand-knitted item? Some people prefer knitting different colors to form a name or initial (using techniques like Fair Isle or Intarsia). Others opt to embroider onto a finished knitting. Which method is better? The answer depends on your design. Each technique has its pros and cons.

Let's delve into a few basic points here.

Fair Isle or Intarsia

Embroidery on knit

Suggested Level

Advanced level

Beginner level


Knit with two or more colors of yarn

Knit with a single yarn, embroider afterward


Takes longer time to knit

Takes short time to knit


Flat and smooth surface

Convex surface


Easier to control the tension

Need some practices to control the tension of the embroidery

To correct a mistake

More difficult to correct a mistake

Easier to correct a mistake

So, if you decide to embroider your design on the knit, read below. I will show you how to create a simple letter.

Initial Christmas Knitted Doll Hat

If you want to get the knitting pattern of this Initial Christmas Doll Hat, please follow the link below.

Duplicated stitch (Beginner friendly)

Embroider name on knitting

There are various methods to embroider on knits, and this time, I'll share the duplicated stitch technique. It's easy to handle as we are actually duplicate the same stitch on the knit. This technique creates pixel-like letters or other patterns, adding a unique and visually interesting dimension to your knitwork.

You can download the free pattern of this letter embroidery here.

Alphabet Embroidery Stitch Pattern
Download PDF • 124KB

Embroider name on knitting

Before you begin, it's crucial to understand that a stitch can be created with the loop facing down (point going down) or the opposite (point going up). Both are made in the same way but in the opposite direction, resulting in a slightly different appearance for the letters you create.

You can refer to the letters shown in the previous photo. A-P are created with points going down, while M-Z are created with points going up. And yes, I admit I might have mixed up the order of the letters in the middle—oops! 😄

Let's started!

Embroider name on knitting

Prepare your material and tools.

  • Yarn in different color

*Yarn size should be same as or bigger than the yarn size of your knitting, so that the embroidery can cover your knitwork.

  • yarn needle

  • scissors

Embroider name on knitting

*I am going to demonstrate the letter "B" with stitches pointing down. It's easier to start from the bottom. If you choose the opposite, start the embroidery from the top.

Step 1) Point the needle at the right bottom corner from the back.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 2) Leave a tail on the backside.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 3) Follow the direction of the loop of the knitwork.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 4) Continue to make stitches to the end on this row.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 5) Point the needle to the second row.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 6) Now, we need to create a stitch farther away. However, if you prefer not to show the embroidery color from the back, there are a few options:

  1. Skip for now and come back to it later when the needle is nearby.

  2. Start a new thread in that area.

  3. Guide the needle through the back to reach that point. (I will show you here.)

Step 7) Guide the needle through the back as shown until you reach that point. Stretch your knitwork a bit to ensure the yarn is not tightening the knitwork.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 8) Now, we have the yarn at the correct place. Continue to create the letter.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 9) Don't miss any stitches.

Embroider name on knitting

Important: Point the needle in the direction of the next stitch to create a smooth loop. For example, if you're stitching from left to right, always point your needle to the right. This ensures that the yarn flows consistently in one direction, contributing to a neater finish.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 10) Last two stitches.

Embroider name on knitting

Step 11) Weave in all loose ends.

Embroider name on knitting


Tips for embroidering name on knitting

  1. There are no strict rules for embroidery—it depends on the design. You'll need to adjust your approach accordingly.

  2. Pay attention to the tension of the embroidery; it won't look nice if it's too tight or too loose.

  3. For this technique, it's easier to embroider when you follow the flow of the knits—from the bottom to the top. Point the needle in the direction of the next stitch.

It's really a great and simple technique for everyone to create names on your knitwear or hand knitted gifts. Try this out today!

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