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Mastering the Herringbone Stitch: Knitting a Gorgeous Basket in the Round

Updated: May 30

Herringbone stitch knit basket

Knitting is an ancient craft that continues to captivate and inspire people worldwide. From intricate lace shawls to cozy sweaters, the possibilities are endless. One stitch that stands out for its elegance and versatility is the"Herringbone Stitch". This article will explore how to knit herringbone stitch in the round to create a stunning basket.

Knit Bear with Baskets

The Beauty of the Herringbone Stitch

The herringbone stitch is characterized by its distinctive diagonal texture, resembling the pattern of fish bones. It creates a dense and sturdy fabric, making it ideal for projects that require both durability and style. While it may look complex, the herringbone stitch is quite simple once you get the hang of it. So, it's a perfect stitch for making a basket.

Getting Started

Skill Level


Finished Size

4-6 cm / 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 in


4 double-pointed needles 6” (15 cm) 

Needle Size

US 3 (3.25 mm)


(DK) 100% Cotton (25g ~ 57.5 m)

Yarn Amount

Approx. 5 - 10g

Gauge (Herringbone Stitch)

40 sts and 28 rnds = 4 x 4 in / 10 x 10 cm

Step-by-Step Herringbone Stitch Knit Basket

I am going to demonstrate how to create this flower basket.

Herringbone stitch knit basket

Step 1:

Cast on 60 sts. Divide them into three needles evenly. Join in the round.

Step 2 (first stitch):

Begin the herringbone stitch by knitting two together (k2tog), dropping only one stitch from the left needle, and keeping the second stitch on the left. This creates the first diagonal slant of the stitch.

Step 3 (Second stitch):

Repeat step 2. Knit two stitches together (the first stitch is the second stitch from step 2). Then, drop only one stitch, and keep the second stitch on the left. Now, repeat to continue the round.

  • If you are also using dpns, remember to pick up the last stitch from the right needle before knitting with the new needle.

Herringbone stitch knit basket

Step 4 (Last stitch in a round):

To make the last stitch, pick up the first stitch in a round by another end of your needle. Then, knit them together, and drop both stitches.

Step 5 (Second round):

To create the opposite direction of the slant pattern, knit all stitches through the back loop (k2tog tbl). The same thing is dropping only one stitch, and leaving the second stitch on the left needle.

Step 6 (Last stitch of the second round):

Pick up the first stitch in the round, be careful not to twist your stitch. Knit two stitches together through the back loop, and drop all two stitches.

Step 7 (repeat):

Repeat steps 2 - 6 two times. So, you have 6 rounds.

Herringbone stitch knit basket

Step 8 (decrease stitch):

To make a decrease stitch, simply knit three stitches together (k3tog), drop two, and leave one stitch on the left needle.

Step 9 (knitting pattern of the bottom):

Follow the pattern to finish the bottom part of the basket.

Rnd 1: k7, k3tog * 8 times, k14, k3tog * 8 times, k7 (44 sts)

Rnd 2: k2tog tbl

Rnd 3: k3, k3tog * 8 times, k6, k3tog * 8 times, k3 (28 sts)

Rnd 4: k2tog tbl

Herringbone stitch knit basket

Step 10 (Bind-off):

Cut the yarn, and gather all stitches with a tapestry needle. Tighten the hole. Make sure that it's an oval shape. Go through the stitches two more rounds to strengthen the bottom. Weave in the loose end.

Now, we finished knitting this beautiful basket.

The Handle

I used the same yarn to create a handle for this basket. You can use wire to create a harder version.

Herringbone stitch knit basket

To do it, cut the same yarn with approx 80 cm in length. Use a tapestry needle to bring the yarn through the position of the handle. Repeat until you get four strands of yarn (each is around 5 cm in length).

Start rolling the yarn onto the strands of yarn (include the yarn tail at the beginning).

When you are almost finished rolling, cut out the yarn tail. Then, roll until the end. Use a tapestry needle to bring the end through back the rolls. Cut off to finish.

Knitting Pattern of the Foraging Basket

I also create a little foraging basket for Bear using the same method. If you have a knit Bear, try this out. This creates a fun accessory for it.

Herringbone stitch knit basket

Here's the pattern:

CO 50 sts, join in the round. Knit 12 rounds of herringbone stitches. Then decrease stitches as below.

Decrease rnd 1: *k3, k3tog*, repeat * (40 sts)

Rnd 2: k2tog tbl

Rnd 3: k3tog, repeat (20 sts)

Rnd 4: k2tog tbl

Rnd 5: k3tog, repeat (10 sts)

Gather bind-off.

I made simple braids for the straps.

Herringbone stitch knit basket

Do you like my knitting pattern? Share your work with me!

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