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How to Knit a Bumblebee Toy (Free Knitting Pattern)

Bumblebee knit toy

Knitting your own toys is a delightful and rewarding craft, perfect for creating personalized gifts or adding a handmade touch to your home decor. In this guide, we will take you through the simple steps to knit an adorable bumblebee toy. With its bright colors and charming design, this bumblebee toy is sure to bring joy to both the maker and the recipient. Gather your materials, find a cozy spot, and let's get started on this buzz-worthy knitting project!

Skill Level


Finished Size

6.5 cm / 2 1/2 in

Bumblebee Toy Knitting Instructions

Create this adorable bumblebee toy by knitting colorful stripes in the round. The wings are crafted with a single strand of mohair yarn, giving them a delicate, transparent look. The antennae and legs are made using simple fringes, adding to the toy's charming and whimsical details.


4 double-pointed needles 6” (15 cm)

Needle Size

US 3 (3.25 mm)


(Sport) 100% Wool (50 g/ 175 m/ 191 yds)

(Lace) 75% Mohair, 25% Silk (25 g/ 210 m/ 230 yds)

Yarn Amount

approx.1-2 g for all yarns

Color 1: Yellow (mohair only)

Color 2: White (wool) + Yellow (mohair)

Color 3: Black (wool) + Dark Brown (mohair)

Color 4: White (mohair only)


24 sts and 33 rnds = 4 x 4 in / 10 x 10 cm


CO      cast on

rnd(s)  round(s)

st(s)     stitch(es)

RS       right side

WS     wrong side

k         knit

p         purl

m1     make 1 stitch

m1L make 1 stitch left

m1R make 1 stitch right

k2tog  knit 2 stitches together

ssk slip, slip, and knit


(Color 1) Circular cast on 12 sts on 3 needles *always use a working needle to knit

Rnd 1: knit

Rnd 2: k2, m1 (18 sts)

Rnd 3: knit

Rnd 4-6: change to color 2, knit 3 rnds

Rnd 7-8: change to color 3, knit 2 rnds

Rnd 9: change to color 2, knit 1 rnd

Rnd 10-13: change to color 1, knit 4 rnds

Rnd 14-18: change to color 3, knit 5 rnds

Rnd 19: change to color 2, knit 1 rnd

Rnd 20-22: change to color 1, knit 3 rnds

Rnd 23-25: change to color 3, knit 3 rnds

Rnd 26: k1, k2tog (12 sts)

Rnd 27-28: knit 2 rnds

Rnd 29: k2tog (6 sts)

Stuff the bee lightly, and make a gather bind-off.

Bumblebee knit toy


(Color 4) CO 4 sts, knit flat.

Row 1(WS): purl

Row 2(RS): k1, m1L, k2, m1R, k1 (6 sts)

Row 3: purl

Row 4: k1, m1L, k4, m1R, k1 (8 sts)

Row 5: purl

Row 6: knit

Row 7: purl

For right-wing

Row 8: k1, k2tog, k5 (7 sts)

Row 9: purl

Row 10: k1, k2tog, k4 (6 sts)

Row 11: purl

Row 12: k1, k2tog, k3 (5 sts)

Row 13: purl

Row 14: k1, k2tog, k2 (4 sts)

Row 15: purl, and bind-off.

For left-wing

Row 8: k5, ssk, k1 (7 sts)

Row 9: purl

Row 10: k4, ssk, k1 (6 sts)

Row 11: purl

Row 12: k3, ssk, k1 (5 sts)

Row 13: purl

Row 14: k2, ssk, k1 (4 sts)

Row 15: purl, and bind-off.

Bumblebee knit toy


Sew the wings on the center of the body.

Bumblebee knit toy

I am using black yarn to create fringes for the legs and antennae. 6 for the legs, and 2 for the antennae. You can also try using wire for them.

Now, you have your little bumblebee companion!

Bumblebee knit toy

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