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About Mou Mou Friends

Welcome to Mou Mou Friends, where softness meets creativity! Founded by Eva and nestled in the heart of Montreal, Canada, Mou Mou Friends was born from a passion for handmade toys. Our brand name, "Mou," means soft in French, reflecting our commitment to providing the softest, most cuddly creations.

Handmade cat toy
Knit bear toys

Made with care

To ensure a joyful and safe playtime for your loved one, we meticulously select materials and pay close attention to every detail during the crafting process.

From Handmade Toys to Knitting Patterns 

At Mou Mou Friends, we started our journey crafting handmade toys, each piece meticulously designed and lovingly made. Today, we have expanded our focus to share the joy of creation with you by offering exquisite knitting patterns. These patterns enable you to craft your own soft and adorable toys, bringing the magic of Mou Mou Friends into your home.

Knit fox toy

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